Park4Dis offers mobility technology solutions aimed at supporting municipalities in the management of public spaces, improving the experience of PMR users and providing improvements in the environment in order to comply with the SDGs of the 2030 Agenda.
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Autonomous Asset Management (PMR spots and local regulations)

The officer in charge of managing urban assets may:

  • Add a place reserved for PMR (also for temporary use), modify its location or delete it when it is no longer necessary
  • Define and report the parking spaces where parking is allowed (loading/unloading, blue area, residents, etc.)
  • Add images of vertical and horizontal signs, very often different in each municipality, so that users can easily identify them
    Define and report if there is a time limit and/or an economic amount must be paid

Statistics of use of PMR spots and planning

Through an algorithm based on statistics of use of reserved spots for PMR, the planning officer will:

  • See graphically and intuitively the actual use of each reserved spots in a set period of time
  • Carry out a simulation, graphically changing the location of one or more reserved spots and seeing the impact it would generate
  • Formalize the change through the «Autonomous Asset Management» tool

Management of PMR cards and users

  • Digital and integrated management of European cards and PMR users
  • Reduction of errors by manual processing of information
  • Advanced card management, adding detailed user information (mobile number, email, etc.)
  • Advanced user management (e.g. cancel card on death)
  • Integration with the «Alarm management and fraud detection» tool

Alarm management and fraud detection

  • Generation of alarms for predetermined and configurable events (e.g. exceeding the maximum allowed parking time)
  • Management of alarms from the Control Center and by a local Supervisor (municipal police, traffic officer, etc.)
  • Supervisor’s specific app for:
      • Review the alarm and act in accordance with the municipal ordinance
      • Access the cardholder data entered in the «Management of PMR card and users» tool