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+200 accessible cities

+35.000 mapped spots

+800 volunteers

You choose your destination, we show you where to park

Accesible and interurban platform that shows PRM parkings spots and other parking spaces allowed for people with reduced mobility and the specific regulations applying on each area.

Greater autonomy, independence and improved mobility

More accessibility for the group with reduced mobility

Be part of a community that fights for social innovation


Find the parking spaces reserved for PRMs closest to your destination, as well as other allowed parking spots


Consult the applicable regulations in each municipality in a summarized and accessible way. Avoid sanctions due to a lack of information.


Report any incidence. Both people parked in PRM spots without an European card, as well as inaccessible spots, signs in poor condition, etc.


Book accessible parking spots in private parkings with a discount for being a Park4Dis user.

How does it work?

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Enter the address of your destination


Select the nearest PRM spot


Check other types of parking available if it is occupied

How Park4dis helps our users

Park4dis is possible thanks to our community, active users who not only use the platform every day, but also collaborate by uploading PRM spots.


Cristina Muñoz

“A ESSENTIAL application for people with reduced mobility. The use is very simple and it will be very easy for everyone to have knowledge of the PRM places. Hopefully we will have the help of all the municipalities and local police.”


Arturo Portela

“It is very important that there is an app like Park4dis, so necessary, useful and easy to use. People with reduced mobility and entities are really grateful. Great job.”


Imanol Fernández

“It’s easy, you search the city and it shows where you can park. You can even see pictures of the place. You can also report new parking spots. I recommended it.”


“I’ve been rallying and racing in World Championships all my life, but then when I look for a PRM place, some “smart” one wins the race and parks without a card that authorizes him, taking away the right to park in our places from the people of the group. I downloaded Park4dis and since then whenever I travel to Spain I use it, I can find parking anywhere without having to go around a thousand times (I already do it when I compete).”

Park4dis offers a set of tools for assets management, PRM European cards, fraud fight and BI analysis for Public Administration, improving the experience of users with disabilities.

Park4dis Admin

Park4dis offers a set of tools for assets management, PMR European cards, fraud fight and BI analysis for Public Administration, improving the experience of users with disabilities.

European cards management

Parking spot reservation

Adopting Park4dis, you will be collarating with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations at the Sustainable Development Summit, specifically, Goal 10, reducing disability-based inequalities, Goal 11, achieving more inclusive cities and Goal 17, which fosters alliances between local, regional and national associations.

Why Park4dis

Carlo copia

“Even within the same region/country, municipalities use different regulation to indicate allowed parking spots where a person with reduced mobility can park.

On one occasion I arrived to a PRM parking spot, fraudulently occupied by someone without the European card. I parked in the blue zone thinking I could. I was fined while the one who had parked illegally went unpunished.”

Carlo Castellano, Park4dis founder

Park4dis Blog

Park4dis at the inclusive leadership workshop Leadership Workshop, organized by Fundación ONCE and German Marshall Fund

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